11 Fun Facts of Your Favourite Power Tool Brands
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Fun Facts About 11 of Your Favourite Power Tool Brands

Written by Jessee Bourque
July 26, 2023

Recently, we talked about how Tony Stark used a Ridgid pipe wrench in “Iron Man 2.” It’s certainly a fun little Easter egg if you’re a fan of either the Marvel superhero or Ridgid tools (or both).

That said, have you ever wondered about what other fascinating tidbits could be lurking behind your favourite power tool brands?

Well, wonder no more because we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting ones behind 11 of our top-selling power tool brands here at MPR Tools and Equipment.

The Fun Facts

1. Milwaukee Tool Was The First Tool Manufacturer To Use A Lithium-Ion Battery.

Milwaukee M18 3697-27 FUEL 7-Tool Combo Kit 

The company is credited with inventing the technology that led to the rise of cordless power tools, thanks to the use of lithium-ion batteries.

Today, Milwaukee Tool’s M18™ line is renowned for its patented technologies, innovative motors, advanced electronics, and the industry's best battery technology. As a result, this line of tools has been the fastest-growing 18V cordless system on the market since its inception.

2. Sunex Tools Was Founded The Same Year Elvis Presley Died, Among Other Things.

This manufacturing company, known for its industry-leading impact sockets, was founded in 1977

Aside from being the year that Elvis Presley died, 1977 also happens to be the same year the first-ever Star Wars film was released. “Star Wars: A New Hope” was the first of the original trilogy of the iconic franchise, and it came out on May 25, 1977.

Quite the eventful year. 

3. The GearWrench Brand Was Started By a Taiwanese Company.

GearWrench logo

Lea Way Hand Tool Corporation, a Taiwanese company, started working on a ratcheting wrench that could address common user concerns in 1995. These included ratchet arcs that were too large and weak laminated wrenches.

The GearWrench brand of ratcheting wrenches was born as a result, with its finely-detailed pawls formed through cutting-edge metal injection molding technology.

Danaher Tool Group, a precursor of Apex Tool Group, then partnered with Lea Way a year later to sell the ratcheting wrenches in the US.

And the rest, they say, is history.  

4. Associated Equipment Remains a Privately-Held and Family-Owned Company to This Day.

Associated Equipment headquarters

Unlike many power tool brands already purchased and owned by publicly-traded companies or conglomerates, Associated is still owned by the same family that started it back in 1948. Their headquarters also remains at its original location in St. Louis, Missouri as of this writing.

Associated is also the only manufacturer in the US that designs, patents, and makes chargers. As expected from a company known for wheel chargers that operate “safe in any weather.” 

5. Clore Automotive’s Brands Include Some Of The Most Widely Recognized Names In The Automotive Equipment Aftermarket.

These include Booster PAC, Jump-N-Carry, SOLAR, CHARGE IT! and Light-N-Carry. 

As an industry leader in the design, development, and manufacture of automotive service equipment for professionals and consumers, Clore’s products were built to meet the exacting standards of professional technicians.

Not bad for a company founded in 2001. 

6. OTC Stands For “Owatonna Tool Company.”

That’s because Godfrey Kaplan founded the tool and equipment manufacturer in Owatonna, Minnesota

Here’s a bonus fun fact for OTC Tools: Kaplan’s son Reuben would receive his first patent for inventing the "Grip-O-Matic" universal gear puller. 

7. Power Probe Continues to Manufacture Its Products in the USA.

Specifically in Brea, California, where the company also designs its future products

Thus, Power Probe’s innovative and easy-to-use automotive diagnostic equipment continues to be made Stateside - but remains to be one of the trusted power tool brands the world over. 

8. Esco’s Product Fulfillment Rate is at 99%.*

Known worldwide as the company that has “the Proper Tools to Keep Your Equipment Moving,” Esco has been a trusted brand in the tire service and wheel handling market for decades.

Their customer service and sales staff also have over more than 100 years of experience combined in the tire/wheel service industry.  

*excluding build-to-order items

9. Mueller-Kueps’ Tools Are Constantly Listed Among the Most Wanted Power Tool Brands Since Its US Market Launch in 2010.

With decades of experience developing top automotive specialty tools that accomplish each job faster and more efficiently, Mueller- Kueps has already received top industry awards, including but not limited to:

  • 2 MOTOR Magazine Top 20 Tools Awards
  • PTEN Most Wanted
  • PTEN Top 100
  • And more! 

10. Ingersoll Rand’s Drills Go Wayyyyy Back.

Ingersoll Rand history

All the way back to 1872, actually, when the Rand brothers formed the Rand & Waring Drill & Compressor Company. Their drills were even used in the construction of water aqueducts for New York City and Washington, D.C.

After merging with Gardner Denver in early 2020, the company now draws on more than 300 years of combined experience and innovative expertise.  

11. Tool Grid’s Organisational Products Are Used in Many Different Industries.

Their products were designed to fit in all tool chest drawers or placed directly on worktops, and allow professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike to organise their tools in the most efficient way.

Thus, it’s no surprise that their products are used in diverse industries, such as:

  • Trade Schools 
  • Auto Repair 
  • Heavy-Duty Truck Facilities
  • Marine Repair 
  • Automotive Dealerships 
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities 
  • Body Shops 
  • Aviation Maintenance Facilities 
  • Motorcycle Repairs 

Your Tools All In One Place

There you have it! 

Those are the 11 fun facts about your favourite power tool brands. 

Need to get a job done?

You need the right tools to get the job done quick and to get the best possible results in the safest way possible.

Get the tools you need to get them all in one place!  


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