5 Great Last-Minute Gifts for Mechanics or Automotive DIY Enthusiasts
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5 Great Last-Minute Gifts for Mechanics or Automotive DIY Enthusiasts

Written by Jessee Bourque
August 25, 2023

While they’re certainly handy to have around, mechanics or automotive DIY enthusiasts admittedly aren’t the easiest people to buy presents for, especially if you aren’t into cars or tools yourself.

And with so many options available both online and offline, how do you know which items they’ll find particularly useful?

Worry not, we’ve put together an easy list of options to help you out the next time you need a present for that DIY’er or mechanic in your life - fast.

Check out our top picks - and where you can get them - below!

Last Minute Gift List

1.) Work Gloves

Gloves are key to keeping a mechanic’s hands safe from harsh chemicals they might come in contact with while tinkering under the hood. They also come in a variety of materials, such as latex, rubber, nitrile, or even leather.

What Makes It A Great Gift

They’re light, portable, and versatile! Any mechanic or automotive enthusiast will find them handy. The price points are relatively affordable too!

MPR Tool’s Pick/s:

Mechanix Wear - Original Work Gloves

a.) Mechanix Wear - Original Work Gloves ($32.40)

b.) Ringers Gloves 176-10 Super Hero Cut Resistant Gloves ($64.53)

c.) Watson WTS005XL-6 Flextime Gloves ($96.52) 

2.) Fender Cover

Accidents can happen while mechanics work on their cars. They might drop their tools or spill some abrasive chemicals, which can damage the surface of the fender.

Hence, fender covers serve as a preventive measure

What Makes It A Great Gift:

Aside from being a great way to protect cars from accidental damage, some magnetized fender covers can hold tools and parts too. This way, mechanics can keep their hands free as needed while working.

MPR Tool’s Pick/s:

Image of car fender at MPR Tools & Equipment

a.) ATD 10161P Fender Cover 27" x 36" ($9.74)

b.) Performance Tools PTW80583 Fender Cover ($32.91)

c.) Chicago Pneumatic 8940169790 Magnetic Fender Cover ($62.82) 

3.) Rechargeable Flashlights

A flashlight is always handy whenever you need to take a peak under the hood and/or whenever the lighting’s not ideal. It also helps to have one in the car at all times in case of emergencies. 

What Makes It A Great Gift:

Rechargeable flashlights are great since you don’t have to keep replacing the batteries. Some heavy-duty models even come with solar panels that allow you to charge them outdoors!

MPR Tool’s Pick/s:

Performance Tools PT551 500 Lumen Pro-Focus Rechargeable Flashlight 

a.) Performance Tools PT551 500 Lumen Pro-Focus Rechargeable Flashlight ($47.14)

b.) Chicago Pneumatic 8940170144 Rechargeable Flashlight ($56.75)

c.) STEELMAN PRO 79057 Command Post Li-Ion Rechargeable Modular Worklight Kit, includes LED 500-Lumen Slim-Lite, Bend-a-Light, and 550-Lumen Flashlight Heads ($150) 

4.) Tool Bag

Sometimes, what an automotive enthusiast needs is a place to store all their precious tools. A spacious and durable tool bag is great for this purpose. 

What Makes It A Great Gift:

Tool bags aren’t exactly a priority for many mechanics since they’d rather invest in their tools. Getting them a high-quality tool bag saves them the trouble of having to buy one themselves.

MPR Tool’s Pick/s:

Mueller-Kueps M906-030 Mueller Tool Bag

a.) Mueller-Kueps M906-030 Mueller Tool Bag ($95.29)

b.) Milwaukee 48-22-8322 PACKOUT 20" Tool Bag ($99.98) 

5.) Knee Pads

Spending hours working on a car can take a toll on the body. Kneeling on the cold, hard ground for prolonged periods is especially hard on the knees. Enter knee pads.

What Makes It A Great Gift:

Some knee pads are ergonomically designed to fit most kneecaps like a glove for a more comfortable experience. These are an especially thoughtful gift because, as with tool bags, they aren’t a priority for mechanics who are more focused on getting tools. 

MPR Tool’s Pick/s:

Prime Lite RD43-115 Knee Saver Knee Pads

a.) Prime Lite RD43-115 Knee Saver Knee Pads ($27.38)

b.) Performance Tools PT1938 Knee Pads ($34.55)\

c.) Steelman 93181 Gel Knee Pads ($46.37) 

Make A Mechanic Happy

At MPR Tools, we are constantly seeking out new products that will surely delight our customers. Rest assured that all the tools listed here will please both the curious beginner and the seasoned enthusiast.

Best of all, we offer FREE tools* every single day! So, whether you want to get the recipient a little bonus or want to dip your toes into the fascinating world of tools, our updated offers have something for everyone.

Click here to start shopping today! 

*For orders over $400, limited to one free tool per order.

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